Cut Your Way!!

We are soooooo excited to have Canadian company Cut Your Way sponsoring our Crop and Cruise with their unique vinyl die-cuts that come in an assortment of designs and colours!!

They can absolutely be used on your layouts, but you can also use them as home decor on walls, photo frames, windows and more!!!

Check out this stunning layout that former Crop and Cruise featured instructor Jill Hildebrand did using the Cut Your Way chandalier....

And another Jill Hildebrand design using the butterfly (one of our personal favourites!!!)

Check out all the colours that the Cut Your Way designs come in!!!  And you can customize too :)

Soooooo looking forward to playing with some Cut Your Way goodness!!!!!  And did we mention they are CANADIAN!!!!  Woo hoo!!


Brandy Lees said...

I LOVE the vinyl that I got from Cut Your Way!!! I use it on everything from home decor to my scrap pages!

Diane said...

The Cut Your Way vinyl I got was fantastic! I totally loved it and it added so much to my layouts. I love the idea of it too because it's so lightweight my pages aren't bogged down but it wasn't so flimsy it would tear. It was just awesome!