Please watch this page as we continue to answer the most frequently asked questions!!!  If you are wondering something that is not covered below, please send an email to info @ cropandcruise.com

1.  Is this event only for scrapbookers or can I bring along my husband, kids and non-crafty family and friends?

Crop and Cruise events are for EVERYONE!!!!  We get a lot of crafty friends, mother/daughter pairs, etc, but YES many husbands also come along... and enjoy it!!   They love to participate in the photography, eat, golf (the ship has a golf net and there are some awesome golf courses on the islands!) and bottom line is they always have LOTS to do while their wives are taking a class!!  Kids also enjoy the photography and the ship has a wonderful kids program on board!!  We will help you design what works best for whomever you are traveling with!!!

2.  How do I possibly pack all my scrapbooking supplies for this event?

Simple!!!  We plan it for you to bring along as LITTLE as possible, because we provide as MUCH as possible (so leave some extra room in your suitcases)!!!  Our generous sponsors work with our featured instructors to provide everything from the basics to all the yummy supplies required to finish beautiful layouts and projects!  We will send you a specific list of items to bring if required, but it will be VERY minimal!!

3.  I'd like to use airmiles and/or arrange to stay a few extra days in Hawaii... can you adjust the package costs accordingly?

YES!!  We can help customize your vacation to best suit you and your desires so feel free to contact us with your questions and pricing for the above!

4.  Is the photography and crafting already included in the packages?

Both the LAND and the CRUISE event include some photography in the package, but not any crafting or scrapbooking (as many attendees that come are not crafters).  Additional add-ons for both photography and scrapbooking will definitely be offered for both events!!  PLEASE NOTE:  the LAND event will have more of a SCRAPBOOKING focus while the CRUISE event will have more PHOTOGRAPHY focus due to the nature of each event, but both will have components of each and add-ons for each!!

5.  Do I need to register right away or can I wait until closer to the event?

We strongly encourage you to register ASAP for a variety of reasons:

  • although we have booked ample rooms in the Waikiki hotel and on the cruise ship, we are limited in the numbers that can participate in our event and certain cabin categories (like triple and quad rooms) go quickly!!  Some of the add-ons may also have restricted numbers and priority will be given in order of receipt of initial registrations and deposits.
  • our prices are posted in CDN dollars which is close to par with the US dollar at the time of opening registration (Fall 2011).  If our dollar drops significantly below the US dollar, then we will need to increase the pricing.
  • if registering for the cruise in particular, we may be able to take advantage of some "benefits" like extra on board credits that are offered by the cruise line between now and sail date.  These would only apply to those already registered at that time.
  • we can set up a payment plan for you!  We recognize that the costs involved for a special vacation like this can be difficult to gather so we'd like to help!!  Just let us know if this is something you'd like and obviously the sooner we implement it, the easier it will be!!