Purple Onion Designs!!!!

Our featured instructor Sonja McLean has worked with Purple Onion Design stamps in the past and they graciously agreed to sponsor our Crop and Cruise Scrapbooking Cruise leaving next week!!!

So I just spent a ton of time on the Purple Onion Designs BLOG to check out what is in store and found some great inspiration!!!
This layout using Purple Onion stamps was created by Anam Stubbington (yeah for yet another amazingly talented Canadian!!!!)  The colours made me think of the beautiful blue skies and oceans we're going to see along with the lush green palm trees :)

And this one caught my eye with Christmas just around the corner!!!  It was designed as well with Purple Onion stamps by Hilary Kanwischer (we are certain we are somehow related as Kanwischer is my maiden name!)... I love her candy canes too!!!

So needless to say, I'm a little excited to get to play in Sonja's classes with some Purple Onion Designs!

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