Shore Excursions

So have you explored the shore excursions at the different ports? Well there is literally over a hundred choices between the 4 stops. I don't know how a person is to choose. The coolest thing is that NCL really goes the distance for these adventures, they are fabulous, well planned and safe. They offer so many different types of day excursions from shopping, site seeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, catamaran rides, speed boat rides, hiking, lounging at the beach, sailing, wow, this list goes on and on. I thought about showing you guys pictures for most of these events, BUT NCL has made most of them into little videos to watch to learn about, which is even better!!!!! So I am putting a few photos up for teasers but I really insist that you go and click on the links at the end of this post and watch some videos, they are really well done.

So the thing I would advise to you is this, really read the labels. Each excursion is classified in numbers and letters. They tell you LOT'S about the day. Whether it is age or weight restrictions, difficulty of physical exercise. All of these are things that you will want to know before embarking. So just make sure to read them through.

When it comes to the actual booking you can do it before hand, but if you don't decide now, you are able to book them ON the ship. They are extremely helpful.

So who's in for some adventures??? maybe we could take Allison's photo class WHILE parasailing, imagine the photo ops! just kidding. But I did Parasail in Cabo San Lucas last year while pregnant, and I will tell you iot was one of the BEST things I have ever done in my life, AND I felt incredibly safe the entire time. So have fun in choosing your adventures.

here's a few examples:
seal lion adventure
snorkel adventures

Whale watching tour
horse back riding adventure (Jill & Laura Lee, I'm thinking this is for you!!!!)
4x4 Jeep adventure
Great Stirrup Cay Shore Excursion link: click here
Tortola Shore Excursion link: click here
Samana Shore Excursion link: click here
St. Thomas Shore Excursion link: click here

Can't wait to hear what you guys have planned!!!tell me, share with us, maybe we will want to join you!


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