cool photos of our ship- NCL DAWN

this is such a neat picture of the pool. Last year when we were in the pool, even though there were 3400 people on the ship, it never seemed like you were bumping elbows with people, that was nice!Sometimes at certain hours, no body was ever in it. There is just so many things to do on the ship.
here is a photo of one of the foyers. super glitzy looking hey?
I LOVE this photo of the elevators, aren't they wicked???
Here is a photo of one of the restaurants. The food was sooooo yummy, I totally recommend the vanilla or chocolate creme brulee!!!!
If you are bringing your kids, this is their private pool. wowsa!
I definitely recommend finding out what the performances are, the Stardust theatre was so much fun! new shows EVERY night!!!!

Keep checking back for lot's of fun updates from my fellow instructors! Don't forget to leave a comment on the contest. I am going to pick a winner on Jan.15th!



Anonymous said...

This looks heavenly!! Snowing in Calgary today....... So very tired of the snow & winter. Only 38 more sleeps till we are on this ship! So is anyone packed yet?

Sharon Anderson from Calgary

Izzy said...

This looks so fabulous! tick tick... counting down!

Donna Houston said...

The pool looks way better than last year! I can't wait!! I love how we are on a different ship this year, there are quite a few differences I can't wait to check out :o)

Donna Houston, Ft. McMurray AB

Donna Houston said...

I love how we are on a different ship this year! The pool looks WAY better than last year and it looks like there are lots of other differences to check out...I can't wait!!

Maryann S said...

Ah yes ..... snow! Toronto has had more than enough snow & cold this year - today I took the bus so I didn't have to clear the foot of snow off the car .... 31 sleeps to go!! Woohoo!!

I'm too excited to sleep!!!

Maryann Toronto, ON