let's talk about the ports

Are you getting excited? our ship looks pretty cool! ok, here's a little info & photos about the different ports.

Port of call #1: Samana (Dominican Republic)
Legend claims that bounty hunters came here long ago. Pirates of the Caribbean? Well, if they didn't find treasure, they did find paradise.
The sand here is white and powdery; the turquoise waters crystal clear - perfect for swimming and snorkeling. And, there is plenty to eat here. A few huts and facilities will have you trying all the local cuisine. Sun, beach, food, sand... paradise indeed.)

Port of Call #2: St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Thomas is largely mountainous. Many roads around the island offer terrific panoramic views of the island and ocean. St. Thomas is a water lover’s paradise. For your vacation plan a few beach days, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, a day charter, kite boarding, sailing, fishing, kayaking and parasailing. On land you can play a round of golf, take an island tour, check out some attractions, take in the historical sites downtown and do some shopping.

Port of Call #3: Tortola. British Virgin Islands
Powdery white-sand beaches, lush green mountains, and a sheltered yacht-filled harbor characterize the island of Tortola, where the past of the West Indies meets the present of the BVI. The largest island in the chain, Tortola offers a variety of exciting vacation possibilities.

Port of Call # 4: Great Stirrup Cay Island
Norwegian Cruise Line was the first to offer an uninhabited tropical island experience exclusively for its passengers. Great Stirrup Cay is an unspoiled paradise of white sand beaches, majestic coconut palms and calm pristine waters where an abundance of colorful marine life inhabits the surrounding coral reefs.
It is home to lizards, seagulls, neon-colored fish and... a few very fortunate guests of NCL. Here you can snooze in a hammock under a shady palm tree or learn to snorkel in a peaceful cove where tropical fish weave around equally colorful coral and sea fans. You can dance the limbo and enjoy a beachside barbecue, or circle the island in a kayak or sailboat. This is the life on NCL's Great Stirrup Cay.


Crop and Cruise said...

OOHHH look at all the beautiful blues! And I hear that St. Thomas is fantastic for shopping!!


Jessica Gabriel said...

O My Goodness - I am screaming in my head! SO exciting... PLEASE keep these posts coming fast and furious... it is all I am eating right now! and I am hungry for more!

ScrappeeDiane said...

The beaches look fabulous, I can't wait to feel the sand between my toes. Shopping sounds good too. :o)

Jessica Gabriel said...

Oh Wow! the second picture of the Samana section... are we seriously going there?!

kelly D in NB said...

these posts are making me SO excited. i'm checking back everyday now.....and even counting the sleeps till we arrive in Miami!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jessica Gabriel! The voices in my head are screaming so much I can't sleep at night! All I do is think about this trip & look at the website to see if any new comments/info have been updated on it! My girlfriend Nancy & I are doing this as a gift to ourselves for our 40th birthdays. If you look closely at the pictures we have already picked our spots on the beaches! Hee Hee! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Sharon Anderson from Calgary