things to do on our ship

okay does that look like fun or what??? Above is a view of some of the hot tubs. There is 6 public hot tubs on our ship. I'll tell you a secret, one night it was actually quite brisk and windy, and about 11pm Jim and I snuck off to sit in the hot tub. It was soooooo awesome. hot hot water, with the wind on our faces. watching the lights reflect off of the waves. yummo! But keep in mind the hours of operation, we did get in trouble. oops!
or maybe you'd like to do a little reading, they have a very resourceful library.
would you like to partake in Sunday service? They have a chapel on board. very gorgeous with a wall of windows.
or maybe you'd like to do some sports outside. This is lot's of fun. last year the ship even had huge chess pieces and shuffle board on the deck. Jim & I LOVED playing shuffle board at night, it was so cool, (it did feel a little like a premonition of how we might be still competitive when we are older,) but it was fun!!
or maybe a spin class is what you'd like. They have a huge fitness area, new equipment. check it out! they even have an outdoor track to take a walk/run.
This is the lap pool that is indoors, in the fitness area. Totally just for doing laps and fitness stuff. The lounging pool is on the top deck.
There are like 13 different places to eat on the ship. I dare you to try them all, you really don't have enough time! And it is really unique how they work. There is a handful of restaurants that are totally FREE, except for any liquor you would like. But then there are some that have a cover charge. For example, Jill, Heather, Jim & I went to Cagney's steakhouse (fantastic steak & lobster!!!!!!) and they had a "cover charge". So how this worked was you phone early in the week and book a sitting time, then you still get to choose absolutely anything off the menu, but you only pay the cover charge. So I had the steak & lobster, an appetizer,salad and dessert and I only paid the cover charge. It just gets billed to your room. So consider trying one of the fancier places. They are really worth it, and usually less people, and more intimate atmosphere. There are a lot of specialty restaurants too, like, sushi,asian, salsa, teppanyaki, italian, steak,and more. If you choose to never try the cover charge restaurants, there are still quite a few totally free choices, which are superior food too! And you know the coolest thing, you get to order an appetizer, salad/soup, bread course, main course, and dessert is all inclusive in every restaurant. granted the buffet one you choose anyways. But if you decided one night you wanted to try the creme brulee and cake, you can order both. wow! some girls did last year. I didn't as I didn't know they did this till the last day. Now you are probably thinking why on earth would you order 2 dishes. well this is why, either you are super hungry (just kidding) or you want to try something new. They DON'T serve the ssame desserts twice! They have so many new choices all the time, same with the appetizers, salads, every night, every restaurant is a new meal menu. So you will eat very luxuriously! And my husband is super picky about what he eats, and half the time he didn't even understand the menu, I felt like a translator. but he DID NOT ever get something he didn't like, and he tried new things. I was so proud of him!

Here is the spinnaker lounge, last year they had bingo during the day for everyone, but at nightime, children are NOT allowed. But they have different things every night, fun music to dance to, live bands, hypnotists, comedians and sometimes they play CRAZY adult games. No I did not partake in any, I am not sure if I know how to take my bra off without removing my shirt anymore...I am a mother you know.LOL! but it definitely will make you laugh harder than you have ever laughed in your life if they play these games again! The games were hilarious, and lot's f different ones. And Jim discovered this while I was in a class; but the next day they play a video of the night before that you can watch in your own room. They video tape the performances.
the outside bar was nice, caus eyou could just sit by the pool and have beverages of any kind, we sat with Jill & Heather as we were leaving the port, it was the best!!!!! So neat to watch us pull away from the dock.
oh and room service at absolutely ANY time of the day (24hours!!!!)was great. at no cost! free!!!!unless you ordered liquor. but we ordered breakfast in bed a few times, ate it onour balcony. Jim even ordered pizza in the middle of the night and said it was great.

are you thinking of maybe trying out some unique spa treatments?? I definitely am this time. Well check out this link to see a plethora of things to do. click here
maybe even test your luck in the casino. I do have to admit that my husband enjoyed himself one day here while I was teaching. He said it was GREAT! However, when I tried my hand at it one night, I was one of the kind people that felt I should donate my money to the ship...LOL! I wonder if they will issue a tax receipt...hmmm? just kidding. but I do admit it was fun if you like that kind of thing.
Oh and there is an internet cafe that you can purchase minutes and keep in touch with your family. (or blog like I did!I know I am highly addicted, but I wanted to share the awesome time we were having!!!)

So what else to do on the ship? Maybe Allison or Jill will post some things that they did last year. I know that we didn't get to do half the things cause you run out of time!!!!

okay, talk later,

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