Crop and Cruise SALE!!!!


Crop and Cruise is having a SALE on our next scrapbooking cruise to the Western Caribbean November 14-21, 2010!!!

WHY??  Our Canadian dollar has been doing great recently and with all cruises booked through American cruiselines, we decided that we want to pass the saving on to YOU!!  So for a limited time only, you can SAVE up to $140 per person AND receive this highly coveted Tropical NEATNIX Tool Kit ($40 value) for FREE!!
AND... see what's inside the Neatnix Tool Kit????  A WESCOTT trimmer and scissors that ALL our scrapbookers will receive on board!!!!  And that's only the beginning of the goodness that is coming your way!! 

Our goal with every Crop and Cruise is to have you bring as LITTLE as possible and we send you home with as MUCH as possible!!!!  In fact on our last cruise, the tote bag alone contained over $350 worth of supplies, combined with $200+ value in classes and prizes worth over $1000... you can see why Crop and Cruise truly IS the ultimate in scrapbooking cruises!!

If you are interested in joining us and taking advantage of this SALE, please register online at or email us at for more information!!

Just imagine!!!!! 


jill said...

are you trying to tempt me???? :) sounds delicious, my friend.

Melanie said...

What if we already registered months ago? Does this sales apply to us?

Crop and Cruise said...

Absolutely Melanie!!! This sale applies to EVERYONE!!!

cyndi said...

Is the neatnix bag for everyone that registers and pays in full or is this the special deal bag priced at $225?

Crop and Cruise said...

Cydni... the Neatnix bag is the special gift that comes with the "Croppers of the Caribbean package" (designed specially for our scrapbookers) when paid in full!!