Exciting NEWS coming!!!

By the end of this week, we will be selecting our Featured Instructors for our next Crop and Cruise Scrapbooking Cruise to the Caribbean this November!!!!

We are so impressed by the vast and amazing talent this country has to offer and are very excited to introduce you to our chosen ladies real soon!

Meanwhile, we have more wonderful sponsors coming on board that will add to the over-the-top experience of this ultimate vacation!!

First up, one of Canada's newest companies!!!!!!

KIKI ART  is based in Montreal,  proudly influenced by the many cultures, languages and stories inhabiting the city.  Always aiming to transfer the multicultural perspective in to the creation of unique products, so they can serve in the making of projects and layouts for people from around the world.

AND... one of my favourite organizing companies...

Check out this video from CHA where I discovered their Tropical Tool Box!!!!!!


jill said...

Can't wait to hear!!!!! I've been sitting on pins & needles on this one. :)

Diana said...

Kiki art...how exciting!! I saw them at CHA and loved the bright happy colours of their paper lines. :o)

lisa slocombe said...

Can't wait!!!! Good luck picking instructors!!!