wow wow wow!!!!cruising is the most fun ever!

okay, cruising is the life. The following post is going to be from my perspective (Leica) as everyone has so many stories to share with you!!!! A little teaser...

I will tell you a little about it as I sit with Jim in our hotel lounge watching the Las Vegas Nascar race. (we are race fans, and so glad to be sitting and chillaxing!) we spent the day touring around Miami, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale. It is a zoo. Spring Break has started and this state has been invaded by young people...EVERYWHERE.

so we started out boarding the cruise in Miami, and we sat on the boat looking at the sites. Everything in Florida is blue, beautiful and warm!!!! recognize this road??? watch CSI Miami? after the cruise Jim and I were let into this security area (I think the security guard didn't feel like working or must have thought we were famous (LOL!!!!)cause he lifted the security gate and waved us through. so of course we went in to look at the multi million dollar houses and yachts.  We were looking everywhere for Horatio and his new crime scene. 
anyways, this skyline was really neat. this is the part in the ocean where the cruise ships turn around. We had Jackie Ludlage, her mom & dad, Katharina Doyle and Deanna & Geordie Hutchinson with us as all side by side on our balconies enjoying the departure as we left port we all loved visiting together as we watched the land get farther and farther away. such a great experience with friends. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE!!!!! look closely at the photo below, do you see the building that has one whole floor that you can see through?? how cool is that? There are lot's of buildings down here like that.

the next few are going to be random shots, with a little explanation.

Laura Lees (aka Buffy-Jill's sister) riding the donkey. lot's of laughs had by all.

of course where do farm girls go for shore excursions?? well we go quadding of course!!! can't take us too far from the farm...BUT as I make a little fun about ourselves. WE HAD SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!! I definitely have about 30 pictures from this excursion!!!! LOL! but it was priceless. IT was so unique because the kids all come out to slap our hands as we drive by. they are fascinated about the tourists. however, this is not always a good thing as in Samana, Dominican Republic that we did this at, the kids skip school in hopes of getting money from the tourists. sad, education is sooo important.

we saw a waterfall, the beach, (quadding on the beach was absolutely fun, I would love to do that everytime I travel anywhere from now on. Are you in???

Look at Miss Jill, looking sexy 

Katharina Doyle (Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine publisher) took this photo. She has a brand new Olympus Camera that will "seam" together your photos so you can have a panoramic photo that you don't have to edit when you get home, it does itself on the camera in seconds.  Pretty darn awesome! This is a photo of St. Thomas, the U.S. Virgin Islands. We took a fabulous tour here with a group of about 16 of us. FUN FUN! Pretty island, with lot's of places to buy bling. however, if you get a good tour guide you can see the best of what the island has to offer.

In Tortola (british virgin islands) we hired the most awesomest local to just drive us around.   we saw the whole island and loved the sites! on one of the walls going down to the beach was a wall full of murals. absolutely stunning. this is just one of the 20+ photos.

In all the ports it was like a race to the pier. Cruise ships were always everywhere. and if you didn't get there in time you had to tender in on little boats, which wasn't that bad, kinda fun actually. so at Tortola, this ship pulled up beside cool of a photo is this???

I don't know why but I loved taking different pics of our ship from all angles. I guess it will never get old. the exotic feel of cruising, the life, (you HAVE to join us in 2010!!!!)

okay, just a small selection of pics. Kyle Busch is leading the race, 27 laps to go, must watch the rest with Jim.  but keep tuned all the rest of this month for more pics.

keep in mind, if you were on this cruise, please send us your favourite pics to share with everyone. I have a goal...

TO SHARE PHOTOS OF EVERYONE THAT WAS ON THE SHIP WITH US. I want to see the madness, the excitement, the unique shots, and of course  the blue speedos. Brad, are your sharing yours with us???

until the next post. 


Katherine Currie said...

Thanks for some great scrapbooking techniques and lots of laughs on the cruise! It was a blast and I hope to see you soon (maybe Cold Lake:)-give me a call in Bonnyville if you are in the area!)
Looking forward to putting the pictures (all 1050 of them) to the pages made! Missing the warmth but loving being home...Katherine Currie

Trish said...

Beautiful Pictures!!! Wish I was there.