Luggage Allowance!!

Imagine this... 4 ladies at the end of CHA trying to fit excessive luggage and ourselves into a PT Cruiser and praying not only that it fits, but also that we are not over our luggage allowance for our flights back home!! I had to sit with my legs up (suitcase under my feet) and my last bag on top of me as I squished into the little spot beside my new friend Nancy!! Believe it or not, we were within a few pounds on all our boxes and bags so we made it without extra charges!! What they didn't know is that my "purse-like-tote-bag-carry-on" weighed about 30 pounds!! Perhaps they thought such a little person wouldn't be able to carry that much still with a smile on my face!!

So... the moral of the story? There are several!

First of all, know what your airline's luggage restrictions are before leaving!! Unfortunately, many airlines have recently changed their policy on checked luggage and are now charging a fee for EVERY piece!! Here are the websites for most airlines for easy checking!

Second, it might be wise to have along a hard copy of the luggage allowance to show at check-in. Last year, the attendees were unfamiliar with my husband's "Elite" status and weren't going to allow us our full limit. They ended up checking online, but from now on, we always have a hard copy.

Third, pack lightly with only the essentials and share when possible. If you are staying with friends, perhaps only one of you brings a straightening iron or Crop-o-dile or even a suitcase! You will notice in your package of information, that you really do not need to bring along much for scrapbooking as we are providing so much and more sponsors are still coming on board! As much as we think you will love all the stuff you are getting, we're trying hard to help you avoid paying extra on the way home!

If anyone has any other helpful suggestions, please post them here for all to read!!


Diane said...

Okay, this is a seriously crazy tip but I've done it for a few vacations where we've been to crops (CKU and Crop and Cruise 2007) and it works. Take clothing that you don't plan to have return with you. I took t-shirts and shorts and socks and underwear that were ready to be replaced and then tossed them at the end before coming home. It's truly amazing how much room you clear in your luggage. And you're clearing out those ready to be replaced items that you feel bad about getting rid of at home!

Carrie Hamm said...

I think that is what my suit case and i will look like on the way home !!! only 16 more sleeps

Jennifer R said...

My tip for you girls, if you should desire to go away again together, would be rent a van or better yet, a bus!! LOL Holy smokers, don't know how you all fit into the vehicle!
Hope you have more room on the cruise! :)