2 weeks and counting!

Hey everyone!

Trisha here again... just thought I would pop in to say "hi":) It is soooooooo hard to believe that in 2 short weeks we will all be in Miami getting ready to board the Norwegian Dawn for a week of Fun in the Sun while visiting all of those beautiful islands!!! Paradise awaits us... it'll be pure bliss I am sure:)

I know that we have a been busy co-ordinating the shipments of product that has been generously donated by all of our sponsors to make your Crop and Cruise experience truly spectacular! Thank goodness we can have a lot of the stuff shipped directly to the boat as I don't know how we would ever get it all there otherwise.

We have aso had a few last minute sponsors jump on board too! I know that I personally have worked with Quick Quotes, Acme United (Westcott) and Serif this past week or so to secure some more goodies for you lucky gals:) The list of amazing companies continues to grow and we are so very thankful to everyone that is participating!!!! Your generosity truly is appreciated!

As an instructor, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to share with you participants some super cool techniques using products by my favourite companies! Know that in my classes and Technique Treasures you will have the opportunity to play with products by Luxe, Prima, Tattered Angels, Ranger, Sakura, Hambly, Riff Raff Designs, Quick Quotes and Stix 2! Each teacher has worked with their companies to put together some AMAZING classes that are sure to thrill you to bits!!!

So as we count down the days until we depart on this ultimate scrapping adventure, know that I am looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you! Be prepared to have a fabuous time (I know that I am!!!)


Carrie Hamm said...

I'm so excited to work with products I have never touched either out of fear or out of non imagination lol

Allison Orthner said...

You know what's funny? I get to see and touch it all, but don't seem to have time to try any of it!! So know that even I'm excited to learn and play with products that these amazing instructors are highly experienced and talented at using!!! You have no idea how much you all are going to learn from hanging with these ladies for a week!! Woo hoo!!

February 6, 2009 2:49 PM

kdgowdy said...

I just received my "Crop & Cruise" package in the mail which makes this all the more real! I look forward to meeting new friends and now familiar faces! I'm traveling as a solo scrapbooker (with family!)...should be a BLAST!

ScrappeeDiane said...

I'm so excited by all the products and all the talented ladies we get to share our time with. Trisha I know your class will rock because I have seen you teach and you are fabulous and exciting. Diane

Trisha Ladouceur said...

Diane.. you are super sweet and I am looking forward to hanging with you and Izzy! You were an absolute blast in BC and I look forward to your abundant energy... you girls ROCK!

Kim... travelling as a solo scrapper? Not for long... you will meet a plethora of people willing to hang with ya and you will go home with numerous new friends:)

Jodie Hardy, AB said...

Vacation time is almost here. I'm also a solo scrapbooker on the cruise. Hubby will be relaxing by the pool while I crop. (He doesn't get it.)
So I'll keep my eye out for you Kim. I know I'm going to meet alot of wonderful new scrapbooking friends. It's going to be overwhelming. See you all soon.