Leica's optional classes

Leica here.... are you guys getting excited???? I just came back from my brothers wedding in Hawaii, it was absolutely fabulous. But it did put me back in check for airline rules. They really are cracking down on weight guys,. so please please don't bring the "extras". I know it is tempting, because that is how you scrap at home, but for real, the charges are pretty intense if you are overweight. so here is a few hints for you so that you feel more reassured that we are really providing the best experience as possible. So I thought I would tell you a few things that I will be using in my classes that I would love to lend you!

  • stamps from a plethora of companies.
  • blending wands
  • mica pigment colour
  • scor-it boards
  • ribbon
  • embossing powder
  • ink
  • crop-a-dile
  • stapler
  • edge distresser
This is just a few things I can think of, I know the fabulous Jill has treats up both sleeves for the crop nights too!!!! So don't worry, talk with your friends, or ask on this blog before packing so that everyone doesnt bring all the same stuff. heck if I can let the can out of the bag for a minute... LEAVE your scissors at home! I DARE YOU!!!!!! okay I better stop being a naughty girl and leaking the goodies, I might get in trouble, but seriously, LEAVE them!!!!LOL.

So here's a little more about my optional classes:

My " Let's make you the designer" class is very hands on using a range of different stamps from lot's of companies, having an assortment of stamps, such as flowers, abstract pictures, alphabets, I'm sure there is something that will meet your scrapbook needs. In this class we will start with totally white canvases, then we will go through lot's of different techniques on how to apply ink to create the background colours. Using many different stamps of your choices we will layer them over the background, learnng how to determine which ones should be in prominent colours and which should be subtle detail in the background. Taking the same stamps we will create embellishments that we will "colour" with mica pigment colours. This creates more intensity in the designs. When we are ready to assemble the project the real fun will begin. Break out those Scor-It boards! Have you ever tried these? Well I am going to show you ways to use them, no card making here, all creative design!!!! Then let's do some distressing, raising elements, this class is totally TECHNIQUES!!!!!Come create your own custom mats for photos. This whole project will be an extnsion of you. I guarantee that no 2 will look the same. This class is a complete continuance from Vol.2 & 3 of Canadian Scrapbooker Basics Series. Can't wait to see your masterpieces. Keep in mind there will be NO KITS available for this class, as it is exclusively hands on.

I am bringing all the different colour palettes so you will hae a great selection of colours.

Don't forget that in our classes we are giving so much extra product to play with. We want to make sure that you leave with an abundance of fabulous products!

My second optional class is really just playing with more patterned paper in one sitting than anyone knows what to do with. Come one, let's get those pages done, kicking it a little Leica style. Combining colours, different patterns, go crazy or stay in your comfort zone. I am all about YOU loving your page!!!! Create your own twists on my design.

Layouts, layouts, fabulous layouts!
Join our mission to create beautiful layouts, catch up with scrapbooking our favourite photos and learning new techniques! Do you have trouble wondering where to start when creating a layout, how to combine different patterned papers, or maybe you are looking for a new way to include multiple photos on one page? In this class, we will create 3 layouts in all skill levels. We will work with "negative" space, patterned paper layering, and a layout that has neat techniques with multiple photos. Just think... 3 beautiful completed layouts!!

I just received this week the gorgeous Daisy Bucket "Loves Me" line that we will be using to make a double page layout and Rose Moka sent me their papers to create a single page (however, I have a secret... There is soooooo much extra paper in this class that I designed more pages if you don't want the fun to end! tee hee. )for the same class too. So this week I am going to have so much fun preparing the kits!!!! So come play with me in this class as we dabble with stamps, ink, magic mesh, ribbon, buttons, LOT's of patterned papers, cardstock and flowers.

Keep in mind, that sign up for the classes is coming to an end soon. So if you want to take any extra classes make sure you don't leave it too long, because we are all busy cutting and kitting. Due to the weight issues we will only be making a certain amount of class packages so be sure to reserve yours today!!!! There will only be a handful of extra kits available on the ship.


Carrie Hamm said...

Okay ladies - what is everyone bring - pictures layout - projects
I'm at a loss (I got my package today and saw the list of stuff but what is everyone bringing?????

Carrie - Do we know what animal or plant we are is that a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leica

If you are bringing embossing powders, can I assume you are brining an embossing gun?

Sure looking forward to the classes.

Would you recommend bringing pictures or just matching up later. I had thought I really wouldn't bring much at all, including pictures.

Thanks for your time