Checking in one more time!

Yup--I'm here to say Bon Voyage to everyone and safe travels to Florida!

Hubby and I are out of here very early Tuesday morning (like 4am early!) and off to Miami.  We are planning on spending a couple of days touring the Keys before hooking up with you all!   I'm super excited to meet everyone and get to PLAY with you all soon!  

Before I leave I thought I'd share one of my CRATE PAPER cards with you! Crate Paper is a PLATINUM sponsor and we will be using this line, Prudence, in our Technique Treasures--thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peek at a card using it.  Some of you have posted that it would be great to make Thank You cards for all of our amazing sponsors, so this card is fitting!  I'll also be bringing a limited amount of card kits to sell and this is one of the four cards in the kit.

Hope you like it and travel safe everyone!
Bon Voyage!


Leica said...

Love it Deanna!

Jennifer R said...

Love your card! You are going to
have soooo much fun ladies!
Hope you all have a great time!