Tattered Angels WINNER!

My daughter randomly chose a winner from participating websites for our Tattered Angels bundle...

Bamm-ela said... The DIVA PRINCESS in me says luxury coach, but my bargain-hunting prowess totally favours the school bus. Don't know if I can make it, but regardless of the mode of transportation,it sounds like a blast!!!

So "Bamm-ela", congrats and please email info@cropandcruise.com your address and/or contact information and we'll be sure to get you your bundle of Tattered Angels goodness to play with!

And just for fun, here was my own personal "pick" as the most amusing response...

themartinhome said... Ok, So my first instinct was to say the more comfy bus...after all I am a princess! However, after reading the responses, it would seem the big yellow bus is leading. So... I will colour coordinate my clothes, get great photo op's, and as always, when I am scrapbooking, have the time of my life! It sounds like a blast!

Thanks to everyone for participating... looks like the big 'ol Yellow School bus will be IT for our Nov. 1 Calgary Crop Crawl event!! Watch soon for more details and meanwhile, mark Friday, Sept. 26 starting at 8am as registration for this event opens! Only 60 spots will be available!!

And watch here for more awesome SPONSOR GIVEAWAYS coming!! You don't have to be coming on the cruise to win... EVERYONE can participate!!

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