Photos from BC's Sail Away Fun event!

What an amazing time was had by all at BC's Sail Away with Crop and Cruise event hosted by Clipperstreet's very own Deanna Hutchison with special guest instructor Trisha Ladouceur!

As you can see, the attendees really got into the spirit of the event and enjoyed the tropical theme! A few of the attendees are going to be joining us on the actual Crop and Cruise the Caribbean in Feb. 2009, but most were there to simply enjoy the festivities which was our goal!

Check our Crop and Cruise website for other Sail Away with Crop and Cruise events coming to your area!

Manitoba - September 27, 2008
Alberta (Edmonton) - October 3-4, 2008
New Brunswick - October 17-18, 2008
Saskatchewan - October 25, 2008
Alberta (Calgary) - November 1, 2008
And remember, these events are for EVERYONE, not just those coming on our cruise :)

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Izzy said...

This was such a great event!! I had a great day... thanks!