We're Back!!!!

WOW!!!!  What a trip!!!  We had 76 people from all over Canada (and one from New York) come together in HAWAII for our Crop and Cruise Scrapbooking and Photography LAND event and island hopping CRUISE!!!!

Everyone always asks which is better... the LAND events or the CRUISES... and our answer is always... BOTH!!!  They are BOTH amazing, but very different!!!  On the LAND event, we got to spend much more time crafting and relaxing while taking in the view from our ridiculously awesome crop room and private balcony on the 21st floor of our hotel...

Waikiki to the right and Diamond Head to the left...

And the beautiful ocean in between!!!

But the CRUISE visited some of the most beautiful places on this earth...

And spending the time with talented and fun instructors (Jill Hildebrand, Christy Riopel and Allison Orthner) was so awesome and we ALL learned so very much!!!!

We obviously have much more to share!!!!  Just know that we feel utterly blessed to have had the opportunity to help provide so many with an ultimate scrapbooking and photography vacation experience that will last forever in our memories. photos and scrapbooks!!  And we hope and pray the friendships made will last forever as well!!

Much more to still to come... more photos, more crafty projects, and more memories!!!!


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