This is getting EXCITING!!!

Although we are still 6 months away from our Crop and Cruise HAWAII ultimate vacation, we are starting to "FILL UP" on a few different accounts!!!!!

First, we are starting to get some AMAZING SPONSORS coming on board!!!!  Watch for announcements of these coming soon!!!!  Our featured instructors (Jill Hildebrand, Christy Riopel and Allison Orthner) are getting SUPER EXCITED preparing some crafty goodness and photo fun!!!

Second... we are also filling up on ATTENDEES for each event!!!  We currently have 50 attendees registered for the LAND event and 50 for the CRUISE (some are doing both)!!!!  We do have limited space available (especially the scrapbooking packages!!) so be sure to register SOON to avoid disappointment!!!!

Meanwhile, check out the FUN FRONT COVER on the new Summer Issue of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine (Canada's BEST Magazine!!!!!)...

Allison took this stunning photo of Arantza Izurrategui (AKA "Kiki"), one of our featured instructors on the Crop and Cruise event in 2010!!!  Notice the BO BUNNY paper????!!!!!!!  Just sayin'!!!!!

And we have some VERY SPECIAL GUESTS that will be coming to Hawaii (LAND event)... I'll give you a hint... take a look through the Summer Issue of CS and watch for a super talented "budding photographer" that is featured in a few places!!!!!!  We can hardly wait to have some photography fun with her!!!!!!
You had us at Aloha!!

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