Get to know Allison Orthner

Allison Orthner has enthusiastically organized and hosted every Crop and Cruise event since 2007!!  Her happy place is to be teaching her best photography tips and tricks to anyone with a camera... especially in hot tropical locations!!

Her "gadget guy" husband is her partner in crime behind the scenes and accompanies the group as the official videographer.  He can often be heard saying, "No I don't know where Allison is, but can I help you with something?"

Outside of Crop and Cruise, Allison keeps very busy with a wide variety of activities including TV segments on scrapbooking and photography and writing for Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine including her Lights! Camera! Action! article in each issue.

Her work has been widely published in Canadian Scrapbooker, Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers and Scrapbooks Etc. including 12 front covers.

Allison also organizes and hosts numerous scrapbooking events in Canada and keeps her photography skills honed by operating a photography business where she specializes in unique portraits of newborns, children, grads and families!  Capturing a special moment or event makes her heart sing... it is her true passion!!

While on the Crop and Cruise LAND and CRUISE events, Allison will be your personal photographer for the group, guide you through countless photo ops, host Photo Field Trip Excursions and whisper in your ear all week to help YOU capture amazing photos with YOUR camera!! She specializes in being as practical as possible and only as technical as necessary!!!

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