It's COMING!!!!!

We know a LOT of you have been anxiously awaiting all the HOT TROPICAL details for our next
  Crop and Cruise
LAND and SEA events in
If you have never been to Hawaii, it truly is a beautiful world of it's own!!  For those who have been before, each of these two events will definitely bring a whole new experience!!

Because there is NEVER a bad time of year to be in Hawaii, (but there IS a good time to leave Canada!) we chose to go in November 2012!!!

Here are our official dates:

November 2-10, 2012
Oahu, Hawaii

November 9-17, 2012
Island-hopping Hawaii

Remember that you can do LAND or CRUISE or BOTH!!!  It's up to you!!!

We are working hard to put together INCLUSIVE packages for you that include:
Air (from locations across Canada)
Exclusive Group Excursions
and soooooo much more!!!!

Watch for many more details coming SOON and registration opening in Sept. 2011!!!!

You had me at Aloha!!!

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