We Need Your Vote!!

With our Crop and Cruise Scrapbooking Cruise for Canadians having an emphasis on photography, it's no wonder we have some AMAZING photos that were submitted to our friendly photo contest!!! And now we need your help to VOTE ON A WINNER (anyone can vote... those on the cruise and those dreaming about the next one in the Fall of 2010)!!

We tried to narrow it down to the top 5, but just couldn't!!! So you have 11 different photos to vote on!! All were taken during our February 2009 Crop and Cruise Ultimate Scrapbooking Cruise Vacation by a wide assortment of attendees (we do not know the "owners" of these photos). The top two winners will each receive a $25 gift card to www.Vistek.ca to help meet your photography cravings!!

Let's begin!

1. St. Thomas - love this beautiful view of St. Thomas including the stunning blue waters, green islands and our cruise ship parked at port! Take us back there!!!

2. Sandals - what else says "tropical vacation" better than a pair of empty sandals on the beach!! Love the funky angle and perspective captured!

3. Miami Sunset - one of my favourite life experiences to capture on "film"... a beautiful sunset!! Love the city scape silhouette and rich colours with the big sun slowly dipping down!!

4. Laughing in the Waves - does this just not say it ALL!!! Fun, friends and a HOT time playing together on a tropical vacation!! Great job capturing the waves and faces at just the right moment!!

5. Karaoke - indoor photos are always a challenge, but this one POPS with colour, motion and hilarious memories all encapsulated in one shot! It's like we can still hear them singing!!!

6. Iguana - I know how hard it is to capture critters and this photo is not only up close and personal, but get a look at the intricate details that jump out from his eyes to his scales!!

7. Hammocks - okay, maybe it's because I love relaxing in a hammock, but totally love the funky angle of this one and the very inviting message... come relax, lie back and enjoy!!!

8. Flamingo on Beach - LOVE LOVE LOVE it when I see people having FUN with photography! Think this pink flamingo with our cruise ship in the background is oh so creative!

9. Feet in Sand - this "anonymous" shot speaks volumes not only about our vacation, but life in general... enjoy the journey... one step at a time! Great composition (rule of thirds)!

10. Circle of Friends - this photo makes me happy and proud... oh so happy to see the awesome friendships that developed over the course of the cruise and oh so proud to see how creative everyone was with coming up with new ways to capture one another!! Cool perspective!!

11. Blue Waters - there is just something about the calm, tropical blue waters that is perfectly inviting!! This photo has great composition and very simply just makes me wish I was back there dangling my toes in the ocean!!
Okay... time to VOTE!!! Again, this is open to anyone!!! Please leave us a comment indicating your top 3 picks from the above photos!!! We will close voting at the end of May!!

AND... as an extra BONUS, we will also choose someone who leaves a comment to WIN a special treat from one of our amazing Crop and Cruise sponsors!!!!

Thanks for playing along!

Allison Orthner


Bonnie said...

What a great bunch of photos! My fave is #11 - super composition and it just makes me pine for a beach vacation!!


My favourite has to be the circle of friends #10 taken by my roommate the Queen. It symbolizes what the cruise was for. Fun, sun, friends, and photos.

Anonymous said...

#6 the iguana- gotta love it :)

Lee-Anne said...

My favorite is the Miami sunset.
#2 is Iguana
#3 is hammock


Jessica Gabriel said...

My fav was #10, but also like #3 and #4.

Anonymous said...

I suspect it's not ethical to pick the picture I took, but I would if I could. And if I couldn't, I would pick Laughing in the Waves (4), Sandals (2) and Hammocks (7). Love the colors, subjects and composition!


jill said...

My TOP 3 PICKS in no particular order:
1. Iguana - love the close up, hoping you used a zoom and didn't actually get this close!!!
2. Blue Waters - questions pop into my head right away when I view this photo: where is this? what's on the dock? I want to walk down the dock and explore the day at the beach. love the rule of thirds -- you have taken Al's photography class!!!!!
3. Miami Sunset - totally love the colouring here; it reminds me of a postcard. love it!!!!

Good luck everyone!!!!

Wanita said...

My top 3 picks are #3-Miami Sunset; # 7-Hammocks; and #9-Feet in Sand. All of the photos are awesome!

Anonymous said...

My top 3 picks in order are
#9 Feet in sand
#6 Iguana
#1 St. Thomas
These epitomize the tropics to me
Joanne R.

Jennifer R said...

My favourite 3 photos would be the Iguana, Miami Sunset and the Hammocks. It is really hard to pick though as they all are great and original! jennifer reynard
p.s. looks like you all had a great time!

serena said...

top three favs are the "sandals", the "miami sunset", and the "blue waters" all captured the magic of tropical vacations for me.

Anonymous said...

i love the laughing in the waves #4
blue waters # 11 and miami sunset #3


Izzy said...

My vote is for #6 and #2 :)

kelly in NB said...

i love the karaoke
laughing in the waves
flamingo on the beach!!!

kelly in NB

Cheryl said...

#9 is my top pick, followed closely by 3 and 4. They are all great, but these are the three that pulled me in the most!

Genny said...

I vote for #1, #3, and #5! Can't not vote for the Karoake pic!!! Awsomeness!

Anonymous said...

My picks are #9- feet in the sand, #6 Iguana & #7- hammock.
Sharon from Cow Town

Carrie Hamm said...

got to say the all look like winners to me I have to say 7, 8 and 9 are great and brought back to sounds and smells of a GREAT trip. but got to vote for #8 walking on the beach is the one for me and what great legs (I wish).

jessie lubyk said...

I think that #4 is my favorite. I wasn't there but it looks absolutely stunning and I hope I'm there for the 2010 cruise. Good Luck to all the photos - they are all really awesome :)

Betty NS said...

Great photos hard to pick a fav.So are I go#7 hammocks,#10 circle of friends,#9 feet in sand.

Gail said...

My favourite is #9, followed by #10 and #5, but I love them all!!! Makes me want to go on the next cruise even more!!!

Katherine C said...

If I've got to pick...and it hard cause each one brings a memory or experience of the trip but I'd choose (1) the Miami sunset-one of many beautiful and peaceful sunsets that week, (2) the iguana-brave soul for taking that picture :) and (3)blue water-I still can't describe that beautiful blue color.

Scrapbooklynne said...

WAY too hard to choose only 3, but since I have to (and like Mel, cannot choose my own LOL) my picks are:
1st-#11; 2nd-#9; and 3rd-#5
Cheers and Good Luck to all!

~*~ Stephanie ~*~ said...

Sooo hard to choose.

Well lets see.. I LOVE #1 St Thomas, The angle of #7 The Hammock, immediately caught my attention... and #8 is just too cute for words :)

Pam in Moncton said...

My top three are:
11 - Blue Waters simple with a good composition
7 - Hammocks - I like the different tilt and the perspective
4 - Laughing in the Waves. Again a great composition and just really shows how much fun they are having.

I didn't get to go on this one, so I want to go on the next one!

Jody said...

Wow, makes me really wish I was there !! Great Pics !

My favorites are #2 sandals, #4waves, and #6 iguana !!

Good Luck everyone !!

Sarah said...

I know it is a few days after the end of May, but if you are still tallying votes, I love number 10! (Then #4 and #1).

Cara said...

That was hard to pick just 3 they are all great pictures
My choice
# 3 Miami Sunset
# 6 Iquana
# 4 Laughing in the waves
Great job everyone

Anonymous said...

Mae,Nova Scotia

Great pictures!
My choice
#3Miami Sunset
#9Feet In The Sand
#11Blue Water

Good Luck Everyone!