Countdown is well upon us--I leave on Tuesday!!  Woohoo!

I just wanted to pop in and share some terrific news with all of you croppers! 

As you all know from my previous post--I will be bringing along 2 SLICE MACHINES from Making Memories to share, use and demo during the crop nights.  This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get your hands on this amazing machine and actually die cut your heart out!  
Well, the fabulous Jodi from Making Memories has now told me that we can GIVE THEM AWAY!!! So on the last night of the cruise, TWO of you will be the proud owners of your very own SLICE machine! What an amazing souvenir!! And let me tell you--I've had a sneak peek at all of the amazing new cartridges coming out and you will FREAK OUT!!  seriously!  

So who wants to adopt a Slice machine?  do I hear any volunteers??
What would YOU do for a new baby:)

talk to you all soon!



That is incredible. A better question to ask is what wouldn't I do for a SLICE!

Carrie Hamm said...

WOW - what else is there to say all the sponsors are being so generous and great. We sould make a thank you care and sign it to send to them (what do you all think???)

Joanne Rochow said...

Welllll, since someone has to step up to the plate and volunteer! I will!!! LOL

kelly in NB said...

i'd love to adopt a cute little slice baby! just think...this one doesn't get up in the middle of the night + doesn't need it's diaper changed. I'm on board!!

Maryann S said...

I echo Joanne ... It's a dirty job .... But SOMEONE has to do it!!
So ..... I will!!!!

Carrie, I think cards of Thanks to the sponsors is a GREAT idea - Good on 'ya! And count me in.

Only 6 more sleeps till Jane & I leave ..... And 7 sleeps till we meet up with you guys in Miami .... WOOHOO!!!

kdgowdy said...

I'm feeling much like a kid waiting for Christmas! it can't come fast enough and who knows what Santa might bring! I look forward to meeting everyone!

KDG said...

Another gadget in my scrap room is a must! I will definitely rise to the occasion! Counting down the days......

Jodie Hardy, AB said...

Can you imagine the look on your scrapbooking friends faces if you came home with a "Slice"! It has such great cartridges... (The carrying bag for it is beautiful.)

This is getting exciting. I think I really will start packing today. I've been holding off pulling out the suitcases because my dog gets upset...but it's time.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Jessica Gabriel said...

for a new Slice?... I'll dress up and dance on the speakers... oh never mind... I plan on doing that anyway! hahaha

Deanna Hutchison said...

too funny ladies!! And Jessica--I'm holding you to that--actually I may join ya:)
I was playing with the SLICE all last night at the crop at my store--too fun!
I'll also bring the new "seasons" cartridge and if I remember the Basics 3. I got that for Christmas and it is my fav--amazing flourishes!!

getting exciting!!

Chantal Anderson said...

Jessica I'll be right up there with you on the speakers...LOL A new tool to play with...i'm in for sure. I just love new tools. 4 more sleeps before we get to Miami. See you all there!!! YOUPIE!!!

Laurie said...

I'm with you Deanna, laughin at the comments...and with all the gals in being super excited about all the goodies you all keep chattering about! AND at the prospect of winning our very own SLice! I am looking forward to meeting Jessica! I love dancing on speakers, too! LOL
I can't wait for the Cruise to meet you all!
Now I'm off to clear a space in my Scraproom so it feels right comfortable as soon as I bring it home! You're right, what a souvenir and all the happy vibes from everyone's happy days on the cruise together!
Thanks Making Memories! Thanks Deanna