Paris Hilton Scrapbooking!

The topic of great debate... does Paris Hilton actually scrapbook?  

I admittedly had my doubts, but after getting to video, photograph and chat briefly with Paris while she was signing autographs yesterday at CHA, I can honestly say, I think Paris Hilton scrapbooks!

Clue #1 -  She had her personal "idea" book with her where she collects all the inspirational items she finds during her world travels!  And yes, it had a lot of BLING!

Clue #2  -  One time when she had run out of gas and was waiting for her friend to get back to the vehicle, TMZ came across her sitting in the car scrapbooking!  

You can read and see a bit more on my blog, but I actually do think she is a scrapbooker.  But no, she is not sponsoring our Crop and Cruise!

One more day to check out all the fabulous companies and then I'm heading home where I will have more time to post more photos, etc.  All I know is that I have been checking out some of the products that will be on the cruise and you will not be disappointed!  Woo Hoo!


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