A fun little POLL!

Alrighty Croppers of the Caribbean!! We are going to be splitting all of you into 4 different groups for rotating around to the fabulous featured classes and the crop nights and would like some feedback on what would make fun "tropical sounding group names" that we could put a picture of on your name tags to help identify what group you belong to! Here are some ideas:
  • flamingoes
  • hibiscus
  • palm trees
  • dolphins
  • toucans
  • orchids
  • pineapples
  • other????
Give us your vote on your favourites or offer up some other fun suggestions!!


Anonymous said...

My vote is this:
Palm trees- cause whenever I see them I think of warm beach weather! Exactly what we are doing

Dolphins- I am doing the off shore excursion with the dolphins & I can't wait. I would like to be a dolphin please if this one is chosen.

Pineapples- cause I plan on eating them & enjoying girly beverages with them in the bevies!

Orhids- going to take the time to enjoy some R&R & take some time out to smell the roses (in this case the orhids)

Sharon Anderson from Calgary

Kelly from NB said...

like the palm trees and dolphins.
what about margaritas?? LOL

Anonymous said...

My Mom and I kinda like Dolphins, they are such gentle creatures and we like how they move through the water. It sounds like a great idea making groups and we are counting the days until we go.

Karen Sunderland & Marnie Morrison from Yellowknife, NT


My vote is Dolphins, Flamingoes, Palm Trees, and Pineapples.

Maryann S said...

We vote for Dolphins, Flamingos, Toucans and Orchids.

And if we might ask - can we please be Dolphins? We're going to be swimming with them too - a life dream! In fact, on this excursion there will be 2 life dreams fulfilled. First, the cruise itself and also the swimming with dolphins.

What incredible icing to have on a scrapbooking cake!!

Maryann Somerville & Jane Carter, Toronto, ON

Carrie Hamm said...

I love the idea of orchids and flamigoes.

We are also planing the dolphin swim - my hubby went on one in cuba and said it was the best part of the trip.

My mom has never put her feet in the ocean before and i thought why not only put your feet in but also swim with some of the beauties.

We leave in one month wow how time fly's.


Cori said...

Pineapples and Palm Trees, all the way!!!

Sandy H said...

How about a little twist on the 4 ports of call?

Dominican Queens
Virgin Islets
Tortola Goddesses
Great Stirrup Coralettes


Carrie Hamm said...

hay what about flip flops. Just had a brain wave while at work

Anonymous said...

I like margaritas!

Addie Ressler said...

Hibiscus sounds great!

Izzy said...

Due to the current circumstances that I'm in with a broken ankle I think it's appropriate to choose Flamingoes! LOL although I love dolphins in my heart.

Anonymous said...


Marie Hay said...

I like Hibiscus, a beautiful flower for Tropical Islands

Katherine said...

I like the flip flop idea(anything to pack away the socks and slipper for a while, LOL)

How about a Daquari Diva to go with the margaritas!?!! Coconut rum daquari...mmmm...and scrapbooking - the best combo for a gals get away!

Dolphins, palm trees and coconuts works for me too

Anonymous said...

How about the names of some of the fancy drinks you get on cruises

Anonymous said...

I'm getting excited about the trip so right now any name sounds good. I think of daquari's and margarita's with the little umbrellas on a sandy beach with palm trees, so...
palm tree
Hibiscus flower
flip flops
a tropical drink

Jodie from Strathmore, AB

Anonymous said...

Wow! I like all the names...but if I have to choose than I choose the following:
palm trees

Though I am all over the sassy daquire and margarita names as well! I have already pulled out all my summer duds!!

mojo mama said...

I kind of like what Sandy said-base it on the ports.

But that being said I would totally be into 4 different exotic drinks-though probably harder to find die cuts for that-lol

Otherwise my preference would be

Palm trees
Beach chair
Flip flops

.....3 weeks ladies!!!!!!.....