CHA in Anaheim!

I'm sitting on my bed in a hotel room in Anaheim ready to experience my first ever CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) where everybody new and old in the industry comes together to showcase their new releases, designs and goodies!

One of the main things on my hit list is to visit our Crop and Cruise sponsors and check out first hand some of the supplies we are going to get to play with on board!  I'm also seeing how many extras I can collect to pass on to you!  (Wish me luck!)   And Trisha Ladouceur will also be here teaching and showcasing a variety of great companies so we'll be partying here together!

Naturally I have my camera and video camera with me and hope to capture the visuals for you as well so be sure to stay posted!



Carrie Hamm said...

You go girl!! take losts of pic
s show us what it's like. Can't waih to see what's new - take a pic of tim holtz booth for me (tell him he has so many fans in Canada and should be on our curise or at least send so great prizes lol)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself - I know I had a great time when I when to CCHA in Anahein. Check out all the new goodies for us so you can report back. Have fun and see you next month.

Karen Sunderland