Edmonton's Sail Away Event!

Sorry for the delay in getting these posted... but get a load of the fun had at Edmonton's Sail Away with Crop and Cruise event!! Let's start with Tracy, our best dressed (and dessert maker extraodinaire!) Next we have our Crop and Cruise NEWS team that did an awesome skit for us about our cruise!! Thanks ladies!! Just maybe you will be able to join us as "real reporters" on our next Crop and Cruise vacation :)
And what an awesome pleasure to finally meet Deanna Hutchison from ClipperStreet in Vancouver! This lady is beautiful inside and out AND creates things of beauty like this Christmas card!! What a treat for the ladies who took her classes and for those coming on the cruise... you won't be disappointed!!
And Leica Forrest never ceases to amaze me with her abundant talent in EVERYTHING including scrapbooking with her daughter on her lap!! This little girl is not only going to be the most scrapbooked girl in Canada, but looks like she is learning early on all of Leica's tips and tricks and will probably be Canada's youngest talented scrapper!!
If you haven't already been introduced to the oh so fun Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist... what are you waiting for??? Trisha guided us through a fun make & take where we got to play, play, play with a rainbow of colours and some Prima flowers!! Be sure to find some and play too!

And probably my favorite part of hosting an event like Crop and Cruise is the amazing new friends I get to make!! A huge thanks to Trisha for hosting me at your event and in your home and to Deanna for taking the time to fly in and play with us... it was so much fun getting to know you better and I'm even more excited now about the cruise!
So... for all you Maritimers, you are on for this weekend (Oct. 17-19) with the talented Kathy Thompson Laffoley partnering with Paws On Scrapbooking doing a Breast Cancer fundraiser event... I love it when scrapbookers join together to give back!!!
October 25 is Saskatchewan's Sail Away... still a bit of room left for this event hosted by Leica Forrest with Jill Hildebrand and Trisha Ladouceur coming to teach and Calgary's Crop Crawl with Allison Orthner and Katharina Doyle from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine is on Nov. 1 (sorry... this one is sold out).
Have a ton of fun everyone!!

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